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Residential Drywall Services in Dallas, Texas

Drywall, aka sheetrock is the interior finish widely used in most residential construction. 


In practice, drywall, sheetrock or any wallboard should be applied to the ceilings first and then to the walls. Sheets of drywall should never be forced into place and gaps between sheets should generally never exceed ¼ inch. 


Once installed, cutouts for electrical outlets, plumbing pipes, other electrical and plumbing fixtures or other necessary openings should be cut out with great care. Gaps exceeding ¼ inch should be filled with taping cement or other acceptable materials. 

There are many books about drywall installation and finishing. One thing that might surprise you about working with drywall is the extremely heavy weight of the material. Drywall or sheetrock are now available that are fabricated to weigh far less than their predecessors, but even the lightweight materials are still pretty heavy. It’s surprising, but lifting and holding a 4×12 sheet of ¼ inch drywall over your head while trying to get the screws in place and your screw gun working might be too much even if you have some strength to spare.

Residetial Drywall DFW
Residential Drywall DFW

Additionally, installing drywall can be nasty, dusty work. Drywall experts use razor knives to score, snap and cut large sheets into workable sizes. Small, handheld routers with special bits are used to make the cutouts for electrical boxes and other fixtures mentioned above. A traditional punch saw is more efficient for drywall. Never attempt to use a circular saw to cut drywall! The dust a circular saw creates when cutting drywall is extreme and you will end up breathing the dust no matter how you try to prevent it. 


You also want to be sure you use the correct length of screws and sink the screw head just enough so it doesn’t tear the paper facing. Screw guns conveniently have precision depth adjustments so you get the screws just right. On ceilings, place the screws on 12-inch centers, while on walls you can place screws 16 inches on center.

Drywall is an art unto itself and requires significant hand-eye coordination. Mixing the finishing compound must be done to create the correct consistency. If you put too much compound under the tape, it will create lumps and humps in your walls. If you put too little compound under the tape and you’ll struggle to apply the second coat.

Residential Drywall Dallas
Residential Drywall Dallas

If you insist on DIY, we always recommend that you build a test wall and practice finishing it so you don’t make all of your mistakes on your actual project. Most DIYers are shocked by how difficult it is to get professional results if you haven’t ever done a drywall project before.

Needless to say, we are here to help! 

Whenever you have a project that is outside of your skill level or more importantly, outside of your tolerance for patience, give us a call!

We have expert crews who have spent years refining their craft. We’ve made all the mistakes and learned our lessons so we can bring that expertise to your project and take all of the hassle and headache off of your plate. 

Our crews work with drywall every day and maintain the highest quality for work product while keeping your project on time and on budget.

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Our friendly and professional staff have the training and experience necessary to ensure that every project you put in our care will go beyond your expectations in terms of safety, quality, comfort, and service. Our drywall general contracting service in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metro is licensed and bonded for your protection. We are proud and dedicated to achieving a top-quality service and results. We are recommended by the high profile clients across DFW and have worked on many high-end projects. We provide VIP service on every project for every client. Our integrity is why we’re considered the very best drywall contractor in the DFW area!               

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At DFW Drywall Installers, we are so confident that we are the best drywall contractor in the Dallas area, that we guarantee our workmanship to your satisfaction. We are recognized for our integrity and have been awarded for our superior satisfaction to our customers. 

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