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Painting for a Smoother Surface

Need tips on painting drywall to make it look smoother?

There are a couple of things to help drywall look smoother once the paint is dry. First of all, you can do a skin coat. Second, you can make sure that you choose a soft color for your wall. You don’t want any really harsh colors because that will almost always pull out all the imperfections of your wall and make them more visible to the eye. Finally, you can use a primer coat on your drywall as a base coat before you paint. A primer coat will help to soften the wall so that when you put your final coat of paint on the wall, it’s going to make it look a lot smoother and the paint is going to transition from one drywall sheet to another without showing any seams. 


With these tips in mind, the first step to make a wall look smoother is to apply the coat of primer. You also want to make sure that all your seams are well primed with the drywall mud and properly sanded so that you can’t tell the seams are there.

The next step is to go ahead and apply a soft color paint on the wall. We’ve used numerous variations of greys, creams and whites that help cover up any imperfections in the wall. Next, we take our roller and douse the primer with a good amount of paint and start to apply in a vertical up and down

Drywall Primer Dallas
Drywall Primer Dallas

motion. This will help minimize any streaks that come from the roller cover. When you start to run out of paint, you don’t want to press on your roller to squeeze paint onto the wall because that’s going to leave some indentions in your drywall and cause some streaks to run in your paint. The solution is to just add some more paint to the roller consistently to keep enough paint on the roller to cover the drywall.

***Never want to add a lot of force to a roller!

Another thing you never want to do is roll in a sideways motion. Anytime you go sideways like that, the paint has the potential to catch the light at funny angles and reveals the seams. That’s why we always run our roller in an up and down, vertical motion. When using a roller, you never want to pick it up and move it to another location on the wall because that’s almost always going to leave some marks where the roller cover is pulled away from the wall. What you want to do instead is take it and transition by rolling in a more diagonal motion going side to side. 

When you start with some more fresh paint on the roller, you want to touch the last paint seam and work your way into that last seam so it’s completely blended in first and then work your way out into the remaining area of the wall to be painted. We always like to go back over it to finish out the entire painted area so that way you can’t see where you’ve picked and left off along that way. 


Painting Roller Drywall Dallas
Painting Roller Drywall Dallas

The roller itself will leave a little bit of texture on your wall and to control the texture that it leaves depends on what nap you choose for your roller cover. You can choose three eights, which is about the smallest you can go or even go all the way up to an inch and a half if you’re doing something like a fully textured wall or textured ceiling to help get in there and fill all the texture grooves with paint. If you choose to go with a really heavy nap, it’s going to leave more of a texture on your wall and not make it appear as smooth as if you used a three-eighths inch nap. If a smooth wall is your goal, you’re going to need to make sure that all of your seams on your drywall are properly sanded and you’re going to want to make sure that that wall is primed and covered entirely. Then you’re also going to make sure that you choose a low neck roller and make sure that you put a couple of coats on there to help cover anything up.

Painting and Drywall Texture DFW
Painting and Drywall Texture DFW

As always, if you don’t like to get your hands dirty, we are here to help! We are experts at painting residential and commercial drywall and know all the tricks of the trade. We can paint your project so that you will be happy with the result for years to come!

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