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Type X Drywall
Type X Drywall

DFW Drywall Installers is committed to delivering fast, efficient, clean, quality work! We do this while making sure we treat our customers with the best service possible. We will treat your drywall or remodel project with as much care as if it was our own. That way, your investment makes sense for your home and our goal is to make you another satisfied customer. 

Below are some of the top reasons DFW Drywall Installers is the best choice for your drywall project!


DFW Drywall Installers offers you our expert specialty drywall design skills. Our high standards are unbeatable compared to other drywall contractors or drywall repair contractors. No matter what special requests you may have, we the skills and expertise to deliver with excellence! We are also experts at drywall repairs and painting

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We understand that every drywall or remolding project will have unanticipated challenges. As a general contractor, we have the experience it takes to find creative solutions and stay on budget. Our team knows how to move quickly and provide flexible service at a moments notice.

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Our friendly and professional staff have the training and experience necessary to ensure that every project you put in our care will go beyond your expectations in terms of safety, quality, comfort, and service. Our drywall general contracting service in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metro is licensed and bonded for your protection. We are proud and dedicated to achieving a top-quality service and results. We are recommended by the high profile clients across DFW and have worked on many high-end projects. We provide VIP service on every project for every client. Our integrity is why we’re considered the very best drywall contractor in the DFW area!               

guaranteed DRYWALL service

At DFW Drywall Installers, we are so confident that we are the best drywall contractor in the Dallas area, that we guarantee our workmanship to your satisfaction. We are recognized for our integrity and have been awarded for our superior satisfaction to our customers. 

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Today, when you walk into Lowe’s, Home Depot or other hardware stores, the product that you will find are 4 foot wide sheets of drywall in 8, 10 or 12 foot lengths. And just to clarify that drywall, wallboard, sheetrock, and gyprock all refer to the same product. 


Gypsum refers to the mineral used in the sheetrock, so you have a bunch of different names are referred to the same product. At DFW Drywall Installers, we refer to it as drywall, hence the company name!

Dallas Drywall Installers
Dallas Drywall Installers



The basic names are not the only source of confusion. Do you know the difference between standard drywall, blue board and green board? Do you need 1/2 half inch or 5/8 five eighths inch? 

The colors are usually the most confusing variable, so let me explain what that’s all about. Standard drywall generally has the off-white paper facing the gray that you would use in most living areas. However, blue board can mean different things.

Some people believe that the blue paper facing is generally higher quality and is specifically designed for plaster. However, when I visited my local building supply, they said the blue color drywall is actually mold resistant drywall designed to be used in damp locations. Contractors in those areas refer to the mold resistant drywall as blue board.

Then you have green board, which is water resistant but not waterproof, so that offers a bit more protection from water and moisture damage. For that reason, green board is ideal for use in areas that may be subjected to water such as bathrooms and kitchens or basements that can sometimes be damp. In truly wet environments,  it’s even better to use cement board and not even use drywall. 


Since most of us shop at big box home improvement stores, a search for products does not bring up any results for water resistant drywall. Some searches will bring up fiberglass or cement backer boards, but not drywall. Most big box retailers sell mold and moisture resistant drywall that has the blue facing paper. Does that mean they are selling green board that has blue paper? Who knows, but it sure can get confusing for the average do it yourselfer.  For basements and bathrooms and possibly kitchens, definitely look for mold and moisture resistant drywall. If you’re doing a tub or shower area, you want to use a cement board or fiberglass board that can handle the wet and moisture inevitable in those locations. Drywall of any kind is not meant to handle moisture or direct water exposure. 

The best suggestion if you want more clarification is to go directly to a drywall supplier and get more info for any specific home projects or you can let DFW Drywall Installers take care of everything for you. 

Outside of locations prone to water and moisture, you are most likely going to be using the standard drywall products described above. As we mentioned, drywall comes in different thicknesses, ½ half inch is considered standard, but you can also find thinner or thicker drywall sheets to meet your needs. Drywall is especially ideal for installing over an existing surface. You can even apply directly over the old surface if you don’t want the mess of removing the existing layer. Thicker drywall is needed if you’re spanning wider spaces between studs or joists, so keep that in mind when you are specking your project. 


Thicker 5/8 five eight inch drywall is better for ceilings because it is less prone to sagging even though the drywall is a lot heavier. You will need 2 people to handle those sheets if doing a ceiling install. A hot tip regardless of what size drywall is to rent a drywall lift, it’s the best money you’ll spend. 

Also, there are a couple more types of drywall including type x, also known as fire code drywall. This is key when you’re in a shared wall situation like a duplex. In that case, depending on your local code, you are likely to need to use type x. Also, if you have a shared wall with an attached garage or a furnace room or in the vicinity of a fireplace or wood burning stove, type x is your drywall. 


Finally, there is a relatively new soundproof drywall product on the market. Soundproof drywall is often sold under brand names called Quiet Rock or Quiet FX. Soundproof drywall is basically a sandwich of two thin sheets of drywall with the soundproof membrane core, with the total thickness is about the same as a standard drywall sheet. This product is ideal for a lower-level ceilings where you will want to block sounds from the upper level or the walls of a home theater, music room, or shared bedroom walls. The biggest drawback here is that it costs about seven or eight times as much as your standard drywall. That means you’ll want to be very strategic about where you spend your dollars to maximize the soundproofing effect.

That pretty much covers the basics of drywall leading from the history of plaster all the way to modern days. 

If you need a drywall expert to manage your residential or commercial drywall project, let DFW Drywall Installers take care of everything for you!

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