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There are many different kinds of drywall texturing. Once we get ready to texture, either after hanging drywall or repair with patchwork we like to use a spray texture machine. We mix up the texture first and then load up the spray texture up into our machine. It’s just some dry texture that we add some water to get into the proper consistency.


If you don’t know how to mix up that mud to the proper consistency to run it through a texture machine, that does take some hard-learned expertise, but once you’ve learned and done it a few times it becomes an easy process.  If you haven’t done it before, you’ve got to get the texture right and get the consistency right before you run it through your machine.

Once we get it all set up, we get ready to spray the texture. We get our walls all moused off, we get drop cloths all around because you’re always going to get some kickback and debris falling down, so you don’t want this stuff getting on your carpet.  We always put down drop cloth and masking on where our ceiling appears so we don’t get any of the texture over spray on the ceiling. Once that’s done, we are ready to go.


We get our drywall mud mixed up that we dump into our texture sprayer and we work really hard to get exactly the consistency we want it before we dump it into the texture sprayer. Texture sprayers are actually pretty simple to use.

Some of the functions of sprayers is a couple of dials and it’s got a switch that we can run the gun itself. We can run the mud or texture through the machine and directly right to the gun on our surface. Or you can actually use a hopper that you can put on the gun and actually run the mud right through a hopper so we can be more efficient when doing small repairs.

We typically never use the hopper because we’re always doing bigger jobs that require loading the mud right into our machine. So for control, you usually have a switch to change from gun to hopper, and then a flow control to adjust the amount of flow in the material that’s actually coming out of the gun. We also have an airflow that we adjust the air on the gun, so it’s pretty simple to use. Once we turn it on, we just play around with those controls and get the proper consistency and the proper texture that we want and then once we get it right, we spray it on the board to check the consistency and result before we actually begin to spray it on our project.


We just spray an initial texture across our patch when we have one, and we move on to texture the whole wall. There are also different tips that can be used for different texture results.

A popular request from clients is what we call the orange peel texture. There are tips for shooting acoustics and tips for shooting knockdowns. Our standard is the orange peel texture and we get our airflow just right and we always just turn our material flow at full blast because we generally get the result with want with our spray technique.

Once the texture is complete , we let it dry and pull all of our masking then let it dry for a day before we’ll come back and actually paint over the new texture. You definitely want to prime the wall prior to painting.

To cleaning the sprayer, we just dump some water in the machine and run all the excess texture into a clean five-gallon bucket to be able to reuse it again. Then we just dump some water in there and swish it around to clean it out. Then you’ve just run clean water through your hose, and you’re good to go.

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