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Applying Primer to Drywall

Applying Primer to Freshly Installed Drywall

The tools that you’re going to need for completing this primer job are:

KILZ Professional Drywall Primer & Sealer
KILZ Professional Drywall Primer & Sealer
  • Metal paint tray
  • Paint tray liner
  • Paint stir stick
  • Paint can opener
  • Roller cage 
  • Roller sleeve (semi-smooth 10mm nap recommended) 
  • Paintbrush
  • Extendable pole for roller
  • Primer

When we are using a dark color as our finished color on a wall we have our paint supplier mix half tint with the primer, so basically what they’ll do is take half of the amounts of colors that would be in the finished coat and put it into the primer, making it easier to cover on subsequent coats of paint instead of using white primer all the time. With such a dark color, you can easily cover it in two coats of paint in this way as opposed to three coats when using a white primer.


Start the primer project by “cutting in,” which is using your paintbrush and working primer into all the inside corners and edges as well as plugins, lights, and any other fixtures or plugs. When you’re first starting out with your brush, it means it isn’t as smooth either until it gets saturated with a bit of paint, so just keep at it until you get the consistency you want onto the drywall. You want to press the bristles of the brush down so they extend into the corners leaving about a paintbrush or two in width so you can easily match it up with your roller. You want to go around your whole room and do all your cutting in and go around the outside any plugins, switches and all of that.


Once done cutting, it’s time to load up the roller with paint and start rolling out from the cuttings you have already completed. Take it up to the wall and begin rolling from the bottom up, working your way back into the corner. Don’t push too hard because if you do it will create a  bunch of ridges everywhere. Use the roller to go up and down the full length of the wall as much as possible, not stopping in the middle so you are getting a nice even full coverage.

From there, just gradually move down the wall, using the roller extension takes some of the bending up and down out of the equation. Once you have primer applied to all of the wall, you can inspect for missed spots and blemishes that you can then clean up with your paintbrush before you paint. One coat of primer is usually enough. 

Make sure you get the proper primer for what you’re covering.

Shur-Line Paint Roller
Shur-Line Paint Roller

Some primers are better on a brand new installation where others are better when you’re going over some repairs and patchwork or just priming an existing painted wall. We will also go over the primer with a very fine sandpaper to just knock off any lumps that may have occurred in priming. 


Once you are finished priming, you are probably going to need two coats of paint. It’s a good idea to stop between coats and let the first coat dry completely before applying the second coat. 

As always, if you don’t like to get your hands dirty, we are here to help! We are experts at primer and painting residential and commercial drywall and know all the tricks of the trade. We can primer and paint your project so that you will be happy with the result for years to come!

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