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How much drywall do I need for a 1000 sq ft house?

With the drywall calculator below, you can get a solid estimate of how many drywall or sheetrock panels you will need for any given residential or commercial project. With the calculator below, you can choose to include the ceiling to add the materials that will be needed. In addition to drywall sheets, you will also need screws, joint compound, and tape for your project. Optionally include the ceiling if you’re drywalling that as well.

Drywall Calculator

In construction, drywall, which is also known as sheetrock or wall-board, is used to cover wall framing and create a solid surface to paint, hang and add any number of aesthetic features.

The drywall calculator below will give you an estimate of the amount of drywall or sheetrock that you will need for your project. To use the calculator, you simply enter the dimensions of the room in question, including the length, width, and height, along with the option to include the ceiling or not.

This calculator will give you a rough estimate of needed materials so you can get on the same page with your contractor regarding price and other details. Knowing the amount of materials needed will give you a great start when getting quotes for your project. 

The calculator will also provide an estimate of the amount of drywall screws, drywall nails, wall-board tape, and joint compound needed as well as a list of recommended tools for your reference. 

How to Estimate Drywall Material Needed

To find the amount of drywall needed for your project, measure the length, width and height of your project to be sheet-rocked. Square footage of the walls is the length in feet times the width in feet of each wall.

At times, walls will not be rectangular, so it is easiest to calculate the walls in smaller sections, first focusing on the area that is more standard size and shape and then squaring off the more complex section to get the proper measurements. Once complete, simply add the two together to complete the estimated materials needed. 

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Other factors to take into consideration are doors, windows, or other areas that will not require drywall. In those areas, determine the square footage and subtract those from the total needed. This will give you a more accurate estimate of materials required. 

Once you have the square footage needed to complete your project, you can divide that number by the size of the drywall sheet you will use. This will give you the approximate number of drywall sheets needed to complete the project. 

For example, if your wall surface is 1500 square feet and you’re using the industry standard 4′ x 8′ sheets, then the number of sheets needed is 1500 divided by 32, or 46.875, which you round up to 47 sheets. We also recommend that you always add another 10% to factor in waste and cuts needed to complete the project. 

Estimating Joint Compound and Tape for Drywall Projects

Once you know the number of drywall sheets needed, you can get an estimate of the amount of joint compound and drywall tape you need. As different products like joint compound and mud products have varying coverage, you will want to generate your estimate based on the product you intend to use on your project. 

Drywall tape is more standard and typically covers about 2-3 square feet of sheetrock per foot of tape, so you can get a reliable estimate based on those figures. 

Sheetrock Panel Size Factors to Consider

The larger the sheets, the fewer seams are created. This means is costs less labor and materials to finish. However, larger sheets are more difficult to handle and install, so you will want to understand the cost factors involved.  

Larger sheets may not fit through doorways and stairwells. In our experience, standard sheets are the safe bet for residential projects, and larger sheets may or may not make sense in commercial settings depending on the specific limitations of the space to be finished out. 

Transportation and delivery of materials is a cost that should be factored in when estimating any drywall installation project. Drywall sheets are very heavy, in the neighborhood of 80 lbs each, so it is important to have the right people and equipment to transport these materials.

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