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Residential Drywall

Drywall Garland is here to help you with any residential drywall project, including repairs, installations, and new construction. 

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Commercial Drywall

We can help you with any commercial drywall project, including major repairs, tenant improvements, and new construction. 

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Plaster install and repair services to meet your needs. Plaster repairs of all kinds, including complete restoration projects

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Welcome to Drywall Arlington:


Drywall Repair and Installation Services


Arlington Drywall Repair Pros:  

Are you in need of drywall or painting services in the Dallas Metro? 

Are you considering a remodeling project or have a need for ceiling and wall repairs work to be completed

If so, you may be wondering “where can I find the best drywall repair near me”? If you are looking for quick and efficient turnaround times, you have come to the right place. Our Dallas Drywall Repair Services are available for any type of project you may need, regardless of the size of the project or whether it involves drywall repair, drywall installation, smooth finish, texturing, painting, or any other drywall related services. We have crews to get the job done! We specialize in Arlington and Dallas Drywall and Painting and are expert Arlington Drywall Contractors.

Do You Need Drywall or Painting Services at Your Dallas area Home, Condo, Apartment, Co-Op or Town House? We can help in any residential or commercial environment. 

If you are visiting our page, we are guessing that you are in need of an expert drywall contractor to assist with your project. Do you have a ceiling that needs to be repaired? Do you need a complete “hand and finish” in a project of any size? 

We are also your “go-to” contractor if you have painting needs. 

If your project involves any of the following items, it is time to call a professional:

  • Visible stress cracks on the ceiling or walls
  • Pay close attention to whether they have grown over time! 
  • Water damage
  • Another contractor such as a plumber or electrician damaged drywall in the scope of their work. 
  • You are selling your real estate and a drywall or plaster repair will be more attractive to buyers.
  • You have started a remodeling project that requires drywall installation
  • You need to hanging and finishing of wallboard
  • You are “Ready For Paint

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Welcome to Drywall Arlington:


Drywall Repair and Installation Services


Arlington Drywall Contractors: 

We have performed thousands of Drywall Repair and Painting projects all over the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and we are guaranteed to be your best choice when looking for Dallas Drywall Repair or Painting. 

We pride ourselves on being the #1 Dallas Drywall Contractor. Our friendly crews pay close attention to detail when working with your ceiling or wall project. Our crews strive to be efficient and deliver top-quality results on each and every project we do. We are Drywall Contractors in Arlington that are ready to help with all of your drywall and painting needs. 

Our staff intends on providing the very best customer experience possible when hiring a Dallas Drywall Contractor.

Arlington Drywall Repair: 

Drywall Repair in Arlington, Texas can range between everything from fixing a hole in the ceiling or wall to texturing walls, as well as skim coating a bathroom wall smooth. This could be drywall repairs to a single to multiple or even dozens of units in a multi-family project. 

There are many different methods of patching drywall and repairing plaster to get the wall, ceiling, or other surfaces ready to paint. We have seen every possible scenario and are due to our experience, we are absolute experts and confident that we can give you the best results on your next project, quickly and efficiently.

What about if you have a solid concrete ceiling that is peeling? We can help! 

What about a water leak due to a plumbing issue or AC unit going bad? We can provide you with options on how to best resolve the issue. 

For example, if you plan to move in the next year or two and need to repair a drywall issue so it will look like new without having to replace the entire ceiling or wall. We can help! We strive to give you options so that you are sure to have the project completed to your liking in a timely manner and with as little inconvenience to you as possible. 

Another example of a Dallas Drywall Repair may be that you have decided to sell your property. You will increase your ability to sell if you repair any cracks and defects that are present in your drywall ceilings and walls. We are happy to get your ceiling or walls professionally repaired and ready for paint. 

Another common repair is damage to a bathroom ceiling or wall due to a lack of ventilation. In some cases, it is not uncommon for us to repair half a dozen bathroom ceilings per week due to this type of damage. Whatever drywall repair you may need, we can help!

Arlington Drywall Hanging: 

People need Drywall Hanging in Arlington all of the time. Hanging drywall professionally takes a lot of skill and experience. Particularly in determining the correct dimensions of a room. However, when you do it every day like our crews,  it becomes second nature. 

Hiring a professional to hang drywall is a great idea because you will end up with a much better result in less time. Hanging drywall is a lot of work and is the type of job that is best left to experienced professionals. Drywall hanging is really not that expensive when compared to most other home improvement projects. We are happy to provide you with the very best crews of  Arlington Drywall Hangers. No matter if you need help with 2 rooms or 200 rooms, we can help!

Arlington Drywall Finishing: 

We are experts at taping and finishing drywall. We are very experienced and consider our services to be the very best! Drywall Finishing is a process of applying drywall mud layers, a process that takes time and expertise to get it right. We are the best drywall finishing company in Arlington. We always use the best Automatic Drywall materials on the market. Drywall tools are very precise and guarantee that all seams, as well as inside corners and outside corners, are filled with the correct amount of drywall compound to leave inside corners that are crisp and clean. 

We even have tools that we use to spot drywall screws in the field. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction with your drywall finish.

Arlington Painting / Arlington Painting Experts: 

Painting for a living in Arlington, Texas is an amazing profession! There are so many great customers that we choose to work with. Because we are in demand, we can be selective in the projects we work on and we guarantee our results. 

Great Results! We have the very best painters on our teams and crews to make your next project a success. Our painters are trained and highly skilled in all areas of painting and customer service. We care and strive for your complete satisfaction on each and every project. 

There Are Many Reasons To “Hire Us” as your painters of choice in the Dallas Metro.

Many Arlington, Texas Homeowners find it difficult to hire an expert for drywall repair or painting services. Figuring out who to call can be challenging and even frustrating. 

Arlington Drywall Customer Service

Customer service is a lost art in the Dallas area drywall and painting trades. Even if you do hire the “right” company, you can still fall victim to their “schedule” and ability to show up to your project. You deserve to have an amazing experience with your drywall project and no one wants to have to call around to several businesses and leave messages for to schedule estimates or wait a week or more for the estimate only then to find out the company can’t begin the job for another 3 weeks after that. We strive to save you time, money and effort. Simply put, we will make the entire experience of completing your drywall repair, drywall installation or painting project as easy for you as possible. Having performed thousands of drywall repair and painting projects in the Arlington, Texas area, we are as experienced as they come.

If you are ready to complete your drywall or painting project quickly and efficiently, Hire Us! When you hire Drywall Arlington, you can be confident in your decision. Our goal is for you to tell your friends and family about your outstanding experience. Call us today and see for yourself.

Having completed thousands of Arlington, Texas projects, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the very best contractors and builders in the Dallas Metro. We learn so much from each and every project we do and we bring that experience to perform everything we do to the highest standard possible. Matching texture. No problem! Hanging drywall. Done! Painting tight, crisp paint lines. Top-notch! 

Customers demand more from companies today than ever before. We live in a world where everything is available right at our fingertips. However, the construction trades have not evolved into this new reality and many still operate without a clear vision of customer service. Why take the chance of having a negative experience when hiring a drywall or painting contractor to perform your work? We answer the phone 24/7 and you can easily book your estimate online. We take all forms of payment for your convenience. We get you on the schedule as quickly as possible and always produce a quick, efficient turnaround. Our goal is to be the best contractor you have ever worked with and make you thrilled with the results. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied or we will make it right.

No one wants to wait a week for their estimate or be chasing the company around for information. When you work with us, you are likely to find that a lower estimate for work will also come along with a much lower level of customer service. Do your calls go to voicemail every time? Do you wait for callbacks for more than 24 hours? Not only do we schedule with you on the first call whenever possible, but we will also work with you to schedule a date that works best for both of us. You will also find that most Dallas area contractors put themselves first over the needs of the customer. Do not get stuck with a contractor who does not do what they say. Hire Us! We look forward to working with you.


Arlington Drywall and Painting Contractor:

When hiring a contractor to perform a remodeling project for you, it is important they have the experience to do the job efficiently and correctly. Not only will we complete the project correctly, but we will also strive to exceed your expectations and deliver the result you are looking for.
As a leading Arlington, Texas Contractor, we have worked with some of the best and the brightest Home Owners, Contractors and Business owners in the area. You can take comfort in knowing you have made a great decision to hire us for your next project. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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 DFW Drywall Installers are real pros! We did a 2000 sq ft space in an office building and the whole crew was fantastic!

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