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Commercial Drywall DFW
Commercial Drywall DFW



In commercial drywall, we’re often dealing with 12 foot sheets, 10 foot sheets and then 3 or 4 foot piece on top. We use a scissor lifts whenever possible to take the grunt work out of lifting and placing the sheets.

Once we finish putting in the last of the channel, then we start stacking the sheets up the wall one by one. Our crews always check the layout for where to start the drywall. You gotta check to make sure your sheets fit properly before you put start the install, that’s why you pay attention to layout.

Commercial Drywall Framing DFW
Commercial Drywall Framing DFW


With metal framing, we mark in every bay where we start our full sheet. We’ll start with a full sheet so we can laser it up and make sure it’s level. We do that for the first sheet in every bay. Once the delivery guys drop off all the board our crews carry and just stack the sheets that we need in each bay and then we mark them and stand them up. We use moistly 5/8 inch drywall, type x, which is fire rated. The 12 foot sheets are really heavy.


So when we put your first sheet up, you got to laser it up. Blind laser, no level. The sheets always level and you do this for every sheet in the bay. We put security at the bottom and security at every complete on the end on the double sides. We make sure we have a 1/2 inch gap always between the drywall and the concrete or whatever foundation there is on a commercial drywall project. We laser in the first sheet, like we will for the first sheet in every bay. We always start inside the wall and not on the end so that we can cut into the walls because the walls aren’t always level.

Commercial Drywall Project DFW
Commercial Drywall Project DFW

So we make our middle synchs up all perfectly level so the tops go on easy and then there are no gaps for the joints or the taping. Also, we always leave a 1/2 inch between the bottom of the drywall and whatever base we’re working off so we can caulk it when we’re done. You can see that when we cut the board up and into the I beams on projects, that’s how you know you got a professional job.

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We also do residential drywall projects upon request.            

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