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Armstrong Acoustic Ceiling
Armstrong Acoustic Ceiling

Ceiling Tiles have always been a great option for improving room acoustics. Acoustic ceiling tiles are effective whenever they are attached directly to a ceiling surface or when used as a drop ceiling. In either application, acoustic ceiling panels and sound-absorbing drop ceiling tiles provide an outstanding and surprising level of noise control. Acoustic ceiling tiles are offered in a wide variety of materials, sizes and designs to meet your needs and are an easy solution for improving the acoustical qualities of any environment. We love working with Armstrong materials for outstanding results. 

Soundproofing tiles are effective in managing noise control in large or small areas by keeping acoustics in balance, eliminating echoes and other unwanted audible sounds. Ceiling tiles are engineered from a variety of materials and features that meet the needs of diverse environments like basements, multi-level residential homes as well as work environments.

Armstrong Acoustic Ceiling Black
Armstrong Acoustic Ceiling Black


If you are in need of high-performance acoustic ceiling panels that provide blocking, absorption, and diffusion of sound, then get in touch for some recommendations. We work with all brands of acoustic ceilings, including those used for high-end decorative applications that require the best in acoustical control while offering a high level of visual beauty.

No matter what your requirements are, we will find the ideal solution for your project.

We are experts at installing acoustic ceilings and know all the tricks of the trade. We can install an acoustic ceiling that you will be happy with for years to come!

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